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Knapweed Under Control on Just Farm

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Recent follow-up visits to the Just Farm property by Jim Killingsworth of Inland Division of Crop Production Services have revealed that knapweed is under control on the upland portion of the property.  Jim and his crew donated time, equipment and chemicals to spray the entire 13-acre area in November 2013, and the spraying has successfully eliminated new growth.

Further inspection, however, found a few knapweed plants on the south hill portion of Just Farm and along the driveway to a nearby residence, so on November 5, 2014 the crew from Crop Production Services donated time, equipment and chemicals to spray that area.  They also noticed some growth of invasive Dalmatian Toadflax and sprayed it, as well.

Thanks once again to Jim Killingsworth, Dan and Ryan from Crop Production Services for their diligence and generous donation.

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